Identify the goals and if the activity qualifies as ‘research’
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The developers establish the following goals:

  • to design an approach to streamline the identification of employees atwork sites
  • to understand its feasibility
  • to develop and test the corresponding technology
  • to publish a paper with the results.

Informed by the goals, the developers proceed to assessifthe project is a‘scientific research’. To do so, they consider the definition from the EDPS (see section ‘Research activity’) and assess if the activity helps “growing society’s collective knowledge and wellbeing, as opposed to serving primarily one or several private interests”[1].The developers conclude the answer is positive, since the activity does not aim to merely create a newcommercial technology, but to introduce a privacy preserving approach for workers that will be informative for privacy preserving applications in other contexts.

Legal regime: research
Does the activity qualify as ’research’? Yes Specific regime on research applies
No Specific regime on research does not apply




1European Data Protection Supervisor, ‘A Preliminary Opinion on Data Protection and Scientific Research’.


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